On Hobbies and Stationery, Sports Goods and Accessories Sellers in Nairobi, Kenya

Every Kenyan has a hobby to pursue, a leisure activity to indulge in.

And, for those who fancy SPORTS, oh well, this labor of love is monumental. Some like to wallow in it, frolicking and gambolling in the playgrounds, basking in the sun and drenching in the rain. Then, there’s a second kind who likes to only talk about the activity. The people belonging to this kind love the quietude of dark rooms, a table lamp to light up their puny desks, a bundle of blank sheets and a pen. We call them sports writers – the ones who love to pen down each and every possible thing they know or have heard about the activity.

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So, where do you think you’ll find them?
Let’s start with the extrovert kind, the ones who love frolicking, gambolling, etcetera, etcetera.

Pick up any leading sports goods seller in Kenya and they’ll be there thronging at his store, without a doubt. The mere ambiance of such places is enough to drive them crazy. They love the look of the equipments, the feel of the merchandise, the smell of them, in short, they love everything available in such stores.

Often, you’ll find them entirely consumed with their laptops, smartphones, tablets or whatever device they can find to connect to the Internet. It gives them immense pleasure to surf sites that promise offer code in Kenya upon visiting some sports accessories seller in Nairobi, say. Sometimes, they even buy a product or two! Or at least plan to, kind of.

The second kind comprises of somewhat peaceful extroverts who prefer hush-hush to clamor. These people are mostly found at their desks, brooding over some sports topic, gathering words to present in text, a recent match they have seen, or a famous player they have met. Their options are, in fact, diverse.

Although these beings are hardly seen leaving their desks, they can occasionally take a trip to the stationery goods seller in Kenya they have been visiting for so long. The purpose is, of course, to re-fill their stock of ammunition with which they pursue their hobby.

Making purchases over the Internet is really not their thing. But, once in a blue moon, they can even go for online shopping in Kenya to satiate their needs for writing materials and sometimes, books.

Together, the duo balances this entire craze for game and game-related activities. And as far as technology fads are concerned, while one is more inclined toward installing new games and apps related to games, the other loves to have fun at online tournaments, watching sports people play, learning the game in the course and yes, writing about the experience later.

Both ways, the hobby is being followed, wholeheartedly. And it’s all that should matter. What say?


Various Offers and Best Online Shopping Deals In Kenya Offered By The Business Houses

In contemporary times, businesses have reached a new dimension – thanks, to the advancement of technology and the introduction of the Internet for the convenience of the people. With the economic condition stabilizing and the changing of the current scenario gave many business houses a chance to emerge up in Kenya.

Best Deals in kenya

Best online shopping deals in Kenya

There are many online directories that lists reputable businesses of Kenya and one such local business directory is Offers Africa. For the convenience of the shoppers and also for the business houses, they got themselves enlisted into various local business directories. These directories are indeed helpful for the consumers or shopaholics, for quickly figuring out where to find a particular product or services. Some directories also allows its members to do search on the basis of location.

How This Business Directories Works:-

When searching the net one will find various portals that offer the same kind of services. Individuals just needs to create an account with any such business directory. After that, they can easily avail their services, which includes information about various kinds of products and services that are available from the service providers. Most of the time, the enlistment is done categorically so that any user who logs into the respective directory can easily find out the thing (products or services) they are looking for.

Besides this the local business directory provides vital information on different businesses listed in it to the customers. Among these include contact information for the enterprises. Such information facilitates communication between the buyer and the user and thus helps in doing business. Most business owners feel that digitization of business has enhanced efficiency in marketing, sales.

Shop By Categories:-

Not only that users or customers can very easily avail the offer codes or discount coupons; that can be redeemed by visiting the retail store. The offers that are available during a particular time can be viewed by browsing the different sections separately. One will find various type of businesses under the different categories –  Travels, Hotel & Leisure; Office Furniture, Home and Garden; Toys & Gaming; Food and Groceries; Fashion; Technology, Books & Stationery; Music, Film & Photography; Sports; Automobiles; Health & Beauty; Jewellery, Gifts & Flowers; Building Maintenance, Materials & Hardware; Advertising, Printing & Promotional Services; Power Products and Industrial Equipments.

Various Offers For Consumers:

The business portal can be used in order to find out about the various business owners who are providing various types of offers in Kenya, before availing the products and services of their choice. The offers are updated on a daily basis that makes it flexible for the users. The offers may be on any type of products or services, such as, fashion and fashion accessories, for instance, denims, corduroy trousers, skirts, dresses, jewellery, trinkets, etc; books and stationery items, like, childrens book; games- play stations, video games; health and beauty services, such as, hair cutting, coloring, Gel wrap, spa or a massage; food and grocery items like getting discounts in retail purchases of fresh fruits and vegetable; technology items, like, computer, laptop, printers, for office and home furniture that might include alarm system, CCTV cameras, electrical fencing; photography shops that offers discounts on mounted or studio photos, etc.

Attractive Deals and Offers:-

These business houses who are enlisted under various categories offers attractive deals and discounts for the customers. By procuring these deals, customers can get their desired products and services at an affordable rate or at a much cheaper price than its usual price. These business houses mainly offers best online shopping deals. It can help people to save a lot of their money. People can fully benefit from these sites. These online shopping sites have made shopping hassle free; without the need to bargain with the shop owners. Basically, the concept behind this is to persuade more and more customers to shop via Internet and procure offers on various products. They are considered best as these deals either provides the customers with a complimentary packages, huge discounts or offering a free product or services. Moreover, it allows them to shop from the comfort of their home.

Digitization has made Internet accessible for majority of people in Kenya. It has helped them to do shopping from the comfort of their home, at their own convenience, as these shopping portals are open 24X7 for the customers.

Get Offers On Guitars, Pianos From Musical Instrument Sellers In Kenya

Good news for all music lovers in Kenya as they can now avail their needs pertaining to music from relevant businesses from the comforts of their home. The popularity of the web has led to online shopping in Kenya. To purchase items including musical instruments like guitars, pianos the users can now go online, browse the web, search for the local business directory, choose the company giving lucrative offers on guitars, pianos, fetch coupon codes from them and then redeem the same with the item/s of their choice upon a visit to the store.
offers on guitars and pianosThe local business website enlists a number of important Kenyan businesses including music, film and photography. People use this business directory to get online deals on advertising, printing, sports, fashion, food, groceries, automobiles, technology, books, stationery, office, home and garden furniture, toys, health, beauty, power products, industrial equipments, building maintenance, materials, hardware, travels, hotels, leisure, gifts, flowers, communications, internet services.

There are stores like BOL Holdings Africa Co Ltd that sell a variety of accessories and instruments required by musicians in the country. They sell musical instruments like pianos. It is the leading piano dealer, having the largest showrooms in Kenya. The company is known to distribute the best brands of piano in the world like the C. Bechstein, Gebr. Perzina, Gerh. Steinberg, Bechstein Academy, W. Hoffmann, Yamaha,  Estonia and Bolan Hybrid Piano, Steingraeber & Sohne.

The various showrooms of this company sell a variety of pianos to the customers. The interesting feature about the pianos is that these are essentially hand crafted instruments with beautiful design and equally outstanding sound quality. The company boasts of its staff who engage in exhibiting these quality products in the showroom. This company and many other companies selling musical instruments have their head offices located in the capital city of Nairobi.

Musical Instrument sellers in KenyaThe companies listed in the Offers Africa business listing can now aspire to reach more customers for the purpose of trade and business. Their online presence creates an online marketplace where affluent locals engage in window shopping from the comforts of their home. They give lucrative discount offers on their products in a bid to attract the interests of the buyers. The process of purchasing musical instruments online is lucid and it saves both time and money. Buyers procure online offer code in Kenya and these are then redeemed for the best musical items at the nearest store. This way, thus promises buyers quality products at pocket friendly prices. Recent trend suggests that with the enhancement of lifestyle in the country, Internet usage has gone up by a significant percentage with more and more citizens displaying interests to engage in making quality purchases online.

Why online shopping in Kenya is a huge hit with its various offers

Online shopping in KenyaConventional  shopping is getting a tough competition from its new genre, i.e., internet shopping. Online shopping has become the new shopping trend among the people. Hence,the increasing popularity of it has bogged down the demand of traditional shopping. Various shopping portals are now emerging in the market which are trying to offer the best and lucrative deals, so that the customers can get their required items at affordable prices and at their convenience.

One can find various types of offers in Kenya. People just need to make an account with any reputed portal site.Therefore, in Kenya, online shopping caters to various products ranging from fashion accessories to clothing, books to computers/laptops, bicycles to bikes and cars, groceries to gift items, building materials to office and home furnishing, musical instruments to industrial equipments and services like hotel and tourism services.

Online shopping in Kenya is immensely popular as it allows buyers to shop during their free time. It also saves them from the hassle of bargaining. It also sometimes comes with the facility of free shipping. These shopping sites get updated regularly with all types of latest products, like fashion, gadgets, etc. They also  provide answers to various question related to
the health sector.

Gifts and Flowers in NairobiFrom wedding ceremonies to birthday celebrations, social events to gatherings requires a good planning. As different occasion needs different types of gifts. Gift items may be a showpiece, wrist watch, wall clock, clothes, etc. Every person loves to get pampered from their near and dear ones and get showered with love, best wishes, gifts or surprises. No matter what the purpose of the occasion requires, one can bring flowers also. As, flowers fit all occasions.

Kenya is best known for its artifacts and unique gifting things. So, if you are touring to Kenya then you can collect gifts for your friends, colleagues, relatives from various shops that are usually listed in their online directories.

sports goods seller in KenyaWhile deciding what to give to friends or colleagues, one can have a look out for Gifts and Flower in Nairobi, as they are quite popular over there. Companies like Apsra, Jit Gems, Rupas Gift Centre offers the facility of  various types of coupon codes and vouchers; which allows the buyers to fetch discounts on all the gift items procured. These coupon codes are in the form of discounts

With pristine sea beaches and mesmerizing beauty, sports is an important activity which the local youths of Kenya usually engage in. Cycling is an important sport in Kenya.People love to cycle in the woods or in the green pastures of land.Not only it helps them in burning their calories and stay fit, but also, it helps them in undergoing a physical exercise.  Therefore, one can find very easily the best sports goods seller in Kenya,like  Pro Bike Ltd. This shop basically deals with all types of bicycles, bicycle accessories, bicycle pumps.

Hence, the technological advancement has helped to ease the lifestyle of people by enabling them to access various sites from any platforms from anywhere and anytime along with offering lucrative deals to hold back customers to their site.

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Fashion In Kenya Is Brought To Your Doorstep With Online Shopping

Fashion is not anymore confined  within the boundaries of the wealthy and the rich people. It has found its place in every household. The spirit of fashion has touched all age groups, from youngsters to older persons.

So, one question that might strike the mind of a layman is “What basically defines fashion?”

Be it a highly acclaimed fashion week or be it ours role model/star’s adoring the best dress and walking on the ramp/ red carpet; to what’s chic in the city and patterns to watch out for this season, provides any common man  the access to everything that is stylish and astounding.

online shopping deals

Offers Africa Ltd | Online Shopping Deals

With the economic condition slowly becoming stronger in Kenya, so is also invariably increasing the buying capacity of the people. From dresses to fashionable accessories, or from footwear to make-up, or fabrics to interior/home decorations which makes a style statement and thus becomes a fashion trend for the upcoming season.  Fashion in Kenya is not only limited to women. Men are also becoming fashion freaks.

Various shops like Kumus Collection Ltd, Fabric Gallery, Sapphires Collection Ltd, Runway Limited, Impressions Lingerie,Rinda Ltd, Store 66, Kooroo Ltd are offering a huge discount on various types of products. So if you are a shopping maniac and looking for local to traditional artifacts you will find it in Kenya. One can find stylish Kikoy, corduroy, or denim trousers; party or office dress or drawstring dresses; skirts, jackets, blouses and tops; linens and suiting’s; shoes, wedges or boots; clothing materials, junk jewelries, etc.

It has lead to the emergence of various portal sites which offers its users with the facility of shopping virtually at their convenience. Online shopping in Kenya is immensely popular as it allows buyers to shop during their free time. It also saves them from the hassle of bargaining.

Most of the companies are listed on several sites that offers a variety of deals for the users. The deal might be a free coupon codes or vouchers that can be redeemed by them by showing it at the specified outlet. Some shops offer a huge reduction in the price while others give small discounts. These discounts are in the form of promotional codes. Online shopping thus provides with a vast variety of products; ranging from fashion accessories to clothing, books to computers or laptops, bicycles to bikes and cars.

With various fashion stores coming up in every corner of Kenya and proclaiming themselves to be the ultimate stop of every shopper for fashionable goods; it becomes a little confusing for any shopper. Therefore, local companies get their business listed in various online directories. It facilitates the customers to track down the locations of the specific shops offering the discounts via Google Maps. Therefore, business listing in Kenya is of immense help as it helps the users to search for any types of products or accessories area wise.

offers africa

Where to Look for the Grandest Deals on Cars in Kenya

The Cars In Kenya and Nairobi

Cars In Kenya | Offers Africa

In the Republic of Kenya, automobiles are an indispensable part of modern people’s lives. They ease our day to day living by helping us travel from one place to another without much of physical hard work. In today’s times when you have to lead a continuously busy life, attend meetings, conferences, occasions, social gatherings and a lot of other events, it is very important to own a car. Moreover, getting the privilege to travel under your own tank of petroleum or diesel is indeed a freedom. Let us talk now about some automobiles which are commonly preferred by the Kenyan population.

The sedens: How important are they?

The most popular of luxury cars are the sedens. The biggest advantage of sedens are that they run very smooth on city roads. They are elegant and are very easy to ride due to their low ground clearance. They are the safest of all car options owing to their lower center of gravity. The prices may vary with sizes and quality. While compact and mid-sized sedens suffice a small family of four, bigger families may need to buy larger sedens.

The SUVs: Why do Kenyans love them?

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are stylish, sporty, robust and much more spacious than sedens. Although they are not as smooth as sedens, SUVs are perfect for cruising and off-road drives due to their high ground clearance. Moreover, the high seating provision facilitates better visibility for drivers, making SUV the adventurers’ choice. But, the higher center of gravity of these vehicles can pose as a safety hazard sometimes. Also, they are costlier than sedens.

The sports cars: What are they?

Sports cars define speed and luxury, wholeheartedly. They are small, light-weighted and usually double seater cars. But, their maintenance is a costly affair. Also, sports cars are not suitable for family purposes.

Owing to the range of benefits that automobiles provide, the car companies are keen on promoting their brands in the market. With such great varieties of fleet, you can always decide upon the most cozy car that would suit your lifestyle the best. But, buying a car is actually a huge decision, especially in Kenya. So, where would you look for the best deals on cars in Kenya then?

The answer is OffersAfrica. This portal has brought brick-and-mortar stores online, providing you the facility to search for the most desired of automobiles. Also, purchasing a vehicle has now been made a lot simpler with the promotional codes of OffersAfrica. Get these codes and visit the nearest car dealers. You’ll surely love the discounts they provide on your dream car. OffersAfrica really lives upto its motto: Saving You Money Everywhere!

Get The Best Of Online Shopping Deals At Real Stores

online shopping deals

Offers Africa | Online Shopping

How shopping trends have changed over the years?

In ancient days, shopping activities were mostly seen in open and public areas. Then came markets, supermarkets, shopping malls, plazas and finally, online shopping portals. These portals enabled what is now popularly known as “e-shopping”. People could now buy products beeline using the Internet. The difficulties of traditional shopping ways were now gone. Buyers had the opportunity to have their products home delivered. The big reason behind the huge popularity of online shopping was that people found it convenient to buy products over the web and with the best online shopping rather than thronging in brick-and-mortar stores.

How is OffersAfrica better than any online shopping site?

  • Safe and secured purchases:

Most online shopping sites do not let buyers inspect their products before buying. A transaction made directly, dismisses any risk of fraudulent buys. OffersAfrica provides information about products and services but does not sell these online. Instead, it just provides discount coupons upon products along with detailed information about the stores offering the discounts. A buyer can then redeem these coupons at real stores, thus satisfying the need of seeing and feeling a product before buying it.

  • Staying away from Phishing:

Another disadvantage of online shopping in phishing. Here, customers are offered attractive online shopping deals, tricked into trusting fraudulent tradespersons or companies and fooled into providing private information to some malicious group. This is not a problem with OffersAfrica. Every item and service listed in the online portal is actually available at genuine stores.

  • Learning about the Hidden Facts:

Before making a buy online, it is necessary to know if the online shopping site has actually stated clear and fair return and refund policies. It is also essential to look for hidden prices like extra shipping charges or handling charges. At many times, These issues are not met with OffersAfrica because the site does not deal in selling any product online.

  • The problems associated with Consignment delivery:

OffersAfrica believes that is always better to collect your own stuff than to depend on someone else. Most online shopping companies have cargos of their own or depend upon local courier services. The result is an unending scroll of complaints, with people moaning about improper handling of products and delayed delivery of consignments.

What does OffersAfrica have in store?

OffersAfrica provides information about a range of products and services in Kenya. These include books, fashion accessories, gadgets, automobiles, airline tickets, hotel room bookings, just to name a few. The discounts offered at the website are as good as the prevalent shopping deals. Again, OffersAfrica also provides information about the latest events and happenings in Kenya. The portal even provides advertising opportunities much like gazettes, magazines and radio stations. OffersAfrica has paved the way towards hassle-free shopping experiences. At present, the website has signed up over a hundred of businesses in Kenya. The companies tie up with the online portal for 2,000 shillings per month. OffersAfrica is active over a range of social media platforms too. Truly, withOffersAfrica, the days have arrived for some happy shopping.