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How shopping trends have changed over the years?

In ancient days, shopping activities were mostly seen in open and public areas. Then came markets, supermarkets, shopping malls, plazas and finally, online shopping portals. These portals enabled what is now popularly known as “e-shopping”. People could now buy products beeline using the Internet. The difficulties of traditional shopping ways were now gone. Buyers had the opportunity to have their products home delivered. The big reason behind the huge popularity of online shopping was that people found it convenient to buy products over the web and with the best online shopping rather than thronging in brick-and-mortar stores.

How is OffersAfrica better than any online shopping site?

  • Safe and secured purchases:

Most online shopping sites do not let buyers inspect their products before buying. A transaction made directly, dismisses any risk of fraudulent buys. OffersAfrica provides information about products and services but does not sell these online. Instead, it just provides discount coupons upon products along with detailed information about the stores offering the discounts. A buyer can then redeem these coupons at real stores, thus satisfying the need of seeing and feeling a product before buying it.

  • Staying away from Phishing:

Another disadvantage of online shopping in phishing. Here, customers are offered attractive online shopping deals, tricked into trusting fraudulent tradespersons or companies and fooled into providing private information to some malicious group. This is not a problem with OffersAfrica. Every item and service listed in the online portal is actually available at genuine stores.

  • Learning about the Hidden Facts:

Before making a buy online, it is necessary to know if the online shopping site has actually stated clear and fair return and refund policies. It is also essential to look for hidden prices like extra shipping charges or handling charges. At many times, These issues are not met with OffersAfrica because the site does not deal in selling any product online.

  • The problems associated with Consignment delivery:

OffersAfrica believes that is always better to collect your own stuff than to depend on someone else. Most online shopping companies have cargos of their own or depend upon local courier services. The result is an unending scroll of complaints, with people moaning about improper handling of products and delayed delivery of consignments.

What does OffersAfrica have in store?

OffersAfrica provides information about a range of products and services in Kenya. These include books, fashion accessories, gadgets, automobiles, airline tickets, hotel room bookings, just to name a few. The discounts offered at the website are as good as the prevalent shopping deals. Again, OffersAfrica also provides information about the latest events and happenings in Kenya. The portal even provides advertising opportunities much like gazettes, magazines and radio stations. OffersAfrica has paved the way towards hassle-free shopping experiences. At present, the website has signed up over a hundred of businesses in Kenya. The companies tie up with the online portal for 2,000 shillings per month. OffersAfrica is active over a range of social media platforms too. Truly, withOffersAfrica, the days have arrived for some happy shopping.