On Hobbies and Stationery, Sports Goods and Accessories Sellers in Nairobi, Kenya

Every Kenyan has a hobby to pursue, a leisure activity to indulge in.

And, for those who fancy SPORTS, oh well, this labor of love is monumental. Some like to wallow in it, frolicking and gambolling in the playgrounds, basking in the sun and drenching in the rain. Then, there’s a second kind who likes to only talk about the activity. The people belonging to this kind love the quietude of dark rooms, a table lamp to light up their puny desks, a bundle of blank sheets and a pen. We call them sports writers – the ones who love to pen down each and every possible thing they know or have heard about the activity.

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So, where do you think you’ll find them?
Let’s start with the extrovert kind, the ones who love frolicking, gambolling, etcetera, etcetera.

Pick up any leading sports goods seller in Kenya and they’ll be there thronging at his store, without a doubt. The mere ambiance of such places is enough to drive them crazy. They love the look of the equipments, the feel of the merchandise, the smell of them, in short, they love everything available in such stores.

Often, you’ll find them entirely consumed with their laptops, smartphones, tablets or whatever device they can find to connect to the Internet. It gives them immense pleasure to surf sites that promise offer code in Kenya upon visiting some sports accessories seller in Nairobi, say. Sometimes, they even buy a product or two! Or at least plan to, kind of.

The second kind comprises of somewhat peaceful extroverts who prefer hush-hush to clamor. These people are mostly found at their desks, brooding over some sports topic, gathering words to present in text, a recent match they have seen, or a famous player they have met. Their options are, in fact, diverse.

Although these beings are hardly seen leaving their desks, they can occasionally take a trip to the stationery goods seller in Kenya they have been visiting for so long. The purpose is, of course, to re-fill their stock of ammunition with which they pursue their hobby.

Making purchases over the Internet is really not their thing. But, once in a blue moon, they can even go for online shopping in Kenya to satiate their needs for writing materials and sometimes, books.

Together, the duo balances this entire craze for game and game-related activities. And as far as technology fads are concerned, while one is more inclined toward installing new games and apps related to games, the other loves to have fun at online tournaments, watching sports people play, learning the game in the course and yes, writing about the experience later.

Both ways, the hobby is being followed, wholeheartedly. And it’s all that should matter. What say?